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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind (PCB)! We are a peer network for all who are impacted by vision loss.  We invite you to participate in all that PCB has to offer.

Founded in 1936, PCB is one of the oldest organizations of people with a disability in the United States. PCB’s mission is to promote independence and opportunity for people with vision loss. It enables individuals to be part of a network of those working together to find solutions to social, vocational, educational, rehabilitative, transportation and public safety issues. PCB is the largest Pennsylvania-based consumer-driven organization of people with vision loss. PCB peers are of differing ages, interests, and ethnic groups and represent a wide variety of occupations, political persuasions, and religious affiliations. Since all peers are an integral part of this organization, PCB connects us all together to create a network where each person’s experience and know-how are valued and integrated into the overall vitality of the organization. When you get involved with PCB, you automatically have a sense of belonging to a group of people who truly understand and welcome you to a wonderful family of caring friends.

While PCB was founded as a membership-based organization, we have been making strides to become an open network where all with vision loss may participate in our efforts and offerings. To date though, an annual membership structure still exists. Thus, if you wish to have a formal voice in the business and leadership of the organization, please consider becoming a member. If however, you wish to get involved when and as you can, we welcome you.

Formal membership in PCB is open to any individual or organization that supports the PCB mission. The four categories of membership are: Individual Adult, Individual Junior (under 18), Non-Profit, and Corporate. Individual Adult Members, including those who belong to a specific chapter and those who are members at-large may vote, present motions, speak on the floor of the state convention, and hold a leadership position. Membership also entitles individuals to discounts offered at our annual conference. All PCB members receive our quarterly newsletter, The PCB Advocate in their preferred format.

Currently, there are two ways to become a member of PCB. When you join one of our local chapters or special interest affiliates, you automatically become a member of PCB.  If you do not wish to participate in a chapter or special interest affiliate, you can join PCB as an At-large Member by paying your annual membership directly to the PCB office.

Whether you decide to become a formal “member” or just join our network on your terms, you are strongly encouraged to complete our “Getting to Know You Peer Survey.”  The questionnaire helps us learn about your interests and which PCB opportunities you would like to explore. 

PCB is a state affiliate of the American Council of the Blind, a national network of 67 state and special interest affiliates. As such, both adult and junior members of PCB are also members of ACB. These members receive a free accessible subscription to ACB’s monthly magazine. Adult members may also exercise their right to vote at the annual ACB Conference and Convention. For additional information about all that ACB has to offer, visit or call 800-424-8666.

Read more about PCB membership in this downloadable guide:

Getting to Know Us

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