For over 75 years, the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind has tirelessly worked on behalf of all people with vision loss. Whether advocating for employment opportunities, assuring the right to an independent and private vote or promoting legislation improving access to information; PCB and affiliate chapters throughout the state continue to encourage and assist all those with vision loss to achieve their fullest potential.

Over the year’s communication methods and technology have changed. As an organization we understand the importance of adapting to these changes and strongly believe in the inclusion of all people with vision loss. The PCB web presence is both an example of adaptation and a method for teaching those less familiar with vision loss about current  advocacy issues.  The content in these pages will also document how people with vision loss live , work and play.

Featured Posts

The Blast: Feeling Good

Welcome to the August Blast – Sponsored by Vanda Pharmaceuticals, the 2017 PCB Conference Banquet Sponsor This episode features the announcement of the Friday Tour; the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum. Sincere thanks to Golden Triangle Council of the Blind & The … Read More

Designing Our Future

By Thomas Reid, PCB Conference Coordinator Give yourself a pat on the back if you recognized that the title of this article is also the theme of this year’s conference. Designing our future to me says action. The phrase implies … Read More

PCB Seeks Future Leaders

By the PCB Nominating Team During our convention and conference this fall, our membership will elect our organization’s officers and four directors to our board. As codified in our bylaws the length of term for both officers and directors is … Read More

The Whole Truth; Confessions of a PCB Leader

By Sue Lichtenfels, President For those of you who don’t know, I am an avid reader. Easily, I read over 250 books each year through my NLS BARD app on my iPhone. Frankly, to tell the truth, it’s an addiction. … Read More

Want to Chat?

In response to suggestions made during the President’s Q & A session at the 2016 PCB Conference, beginning July 15, PCB will launch PCB-Chat. This listserv is a place where peers within PCB can discuss topics relevant to people who … Read More

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