For over 75 years, the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind has tirelessly worked on behalf of all people with vision loss. Whether advocating for employment opportunities, assuring the right to an independent and private vote or promoting legislation improving access to information; PCB and affiliate chapters throughout the state continue to encourage and assist all those with vision loss to achieve their fullest potential.

Over the year’s communication methods and technology have changed. As an organization we understand the importance of adapting to these changes and strongly believe in the inclusion of all people with vision loss. The PCB web presence is both an example of adaptation and a method for teaching those less familiar with vision loss about current  advocacy issues.  The content in these pages will also document how people with vision loss live , work and play.

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Convention Blast: Planting A Seed for Convention

April is a great time to plant the seeds that will allow you to bloom, not in May, but rather October! Just in time for the PCB State Convention & Conference. There are so many ways to act now and … Read More

2015 ACB Legislative Seminar

By George S. Holliday, Chair   The 2015 Legislative Seminar of the American Council of the Blind, (ACB) was held on Monday, February 23, and concluded on Tuesday, February 24, with visits to Congressional offices. Seven members attended on behalf … Read More

Bear Cave: A Sample Web Story

By Dan Rossi   Note: The following story is a sample of the content being collected for the new website project. As mentioned previously, we seek material that focuses on our experiences and activities that illustrate to the general public … Read More

The Education and Employment Report

By Al Pietrolungo, Chair   At the 2014 PCB Conference and Convention held in Johnstown, PCB adopted a resolution to address concerns raised by the conduct of the PA Civil Service Commission (the Commission).  One clause in this resolution requires … Read More

President's Message

By Tony Swartz   Members, with another cold and stormy winter behind us, we look with anticipation towards spring. What was I thinking last fall, when I said that we couldn’t possibly have a repeat of last winter’s weather? Next … Read More

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