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Hello from your fund development team

Peers and friends of PCB, it is again time to consider contributing to the ACB Brenda Dillan Memorial Walk at the ACB Convention in July.

PCB has its team participating in the walk. The team name has not changed from earlier years; it is still the Keystone Cane-Ables. We will probably all be virtual so your only Physical exertion may be that of your fingers on a keyboard or a phone screen.

The link to the walk site is

Once that page opens, you can then go to the Top Fundraiser tab or link and choose Keystone Cane-Ables from the list of teams to make a contribution.

Fill out the donation form, and your money will be split equally between PCB and ACB.  

ACB would like to see $63,000 raised to honor its 63 years in existence. PCB is shooting for $1000 of which we would receive $500.   However, if we earn more than that, we won’t complain. In past years the Walk page has accepted contributions until Aug. 31 long after the end of the convention but make your donation early so that you won’t forget about it. I’ll keep mentioning it in emails from the Fund Development team, as well.  

Think about the Keystone Cane-Ables when you are making your event choices for the ACB Convention.

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