Events in April 2024

  • PAGDUS meets via Zoom

    PAGDUS meets via Zoom

    April 8, 2024

    Spring Forward with Outdoor Navigation

    Spring has sprung, and the dogs are ready for some adventures!  Join PAGDUS (PA Guide Dog Users and Supporters) this month, as we spring forward with our series on navigating our world with or without guide dogs. We’ll delve into outdoor navigation, and share tips and tricks we utilize most in unfamiliar outdoor spaces. We’ll discuss tackling local transportation, with subtopics such as how to navigate train platforms and whether we utilize local transit apps. And of course, we’ll discuss how we cross intersections, and whether we utilize any apps to assist in crossing. As always, our discussions will be geared toward both guide dog handlers and cane users alike. Join us for more enlightening discussions surrounding both outdoor and indoor navigation, and some PAGDUS business after.

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