Baseball Call hosted by Tony Swartz

April 2, 2022

Call in a few minutes prior to 7:30 at
605-475-4715 or toll free at 844-844-0414
Access Code: 815419#
One-Touch Dialing:
Is There' some joy in Mudville? The lock out is behind us and we can now talk baseball. Please join me for the spring 2022 baseball call on Saturday evening April 2nd, at 7:30.

Many of us feel that at present the game is flawed and in decline. If you were able, how would you fix baseball. Is it time for a cap and floor.? Has the dramatic defensive shift helped to ruin the game? Is the length of the game a problem, or is it just that there's much less action?

Should teams have the right to demand a ban on off the field dangerous behavior? Just ask the Padres.
National leaguers, say good bye to pitchers at bat. Are you ready to accept conferences rather than leagues? In 23, a pitch clock and larger bases, perhaps other rule changes too. While we were looking the other way, the Pirates have built a promising farm system which includes a six foot seven inch short stop. By April 2nd, you would think that most teams will have made their final moves, maybe? Anyone want to make some preseason predictions?

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