Cumberland County

Events in May 2024

  • PAGDUS meets via Zoom

    PAGDUS meets via Zoom

    May 13, 2024

    Join PAGDUS as we run it back this month and fully delve into outdoor navigation.

    If you missed last month’s meeting and wanted to discuss outdoor navigation, street crossings, and our favorite apps, you’re in luck! As we began discussing outdoor navigation during last month’s meeting, we pivoted to navigating public transit, strategies for utilizing apps like Uber and Lyft with our guides, and flying with the new DOT form. So this month, we’re fully delving into outdoor navigation. We plan to share tips and tricks we utilize most in unfamiliar outdoor spaces. We’ll discuss how we cross intersections, and whether we utilize any apps to assist in crossing safely.

    As always, our discussions will be geared toward both guide dog handlers and cane users alike. Join us for more enlightening discussions surrounding both outdoor and indoor navigation, and some PAGDUS business after.

  • Vision Loss Team meets via Zoom

    Vision Loss Team meets via Zoom

    May 21, 2024

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