For over 75 years, the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind has tirelessly worked on behalf of all people with vision loss. Whether advocating for employment opportunities, assuring the right to an independent and private vote or promoting legislation improving access to information; PCB and affiliate chapters throughout the state continue to encourage and assist all those with vision loss to achieve their fullest potential.

Over the year’s communication methods and technology have changed. As an organization we understand the importance of adapting to these changes and strongly believe in the inclusion of all people with vision loss. The PCB web presence is both an example of adaptation and a method for teaching those less familiar with vision loss about current  advocacy issues.  The content in these pages will also document how people with vision loss live , work and play.

Featured Posts

Conference First-timer Scholarships Expand

All who have been fortunate enough to attend the PCB Conference realize its transformative impact. Therefore, PCB continues to seek ways to alleviate the financial burden so new people can experience the power of PCB. For several years, we have … Read More

Change = Opportunity

By Sue Lichtenfels As I feel, smell, and hear the winter slowly morphing into spring, I am reminded that change is ever-present and inevitable. Whether it’s in a child growing up; illnesses that challenge our health; co-workers coming and going … Read More

Two Telenars You Don't Want to Miss

Monday, May 8, 8:00 p.m. The Vision Loss Resource Team of The Pennsylvania Council of the Blind (PCB) is hosting a call-in telenar open to persons with vision loss, their families, friends and the general public. You are cordially invited … Read More

The Blast: The Benefits of PCB

There are lots of benefits of being a PCB member or even just becoming aware of the organization.  Some benefits include  scholarships to attend the 2017 Conference. Hit “Listen” or “Download” below to learn about how PCB membership can save … Read More

The Blast 2017 - Introducing The PCB Comedy Club

Presenting… the very first episode of the 2017 Blast! This episode brings you information about the first ever PCB Comedy club sponsored by the Washington County Chapter. That’s right, chapters, work teams, affiliate organizations, corporations and even individuals can sponsor … Read More

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