Candidate Statements

At the 2016 PCB annual conference, members will elect candidates to fill four open seats on the board of directors of the organization. Each open position is for a two year term. Five candidates have declared their intention as candidates to stand for election. Each candidate was asked to respond to a set of questions and each candidate agreed to have their response recorded. The recorded responses from candidate’s appears below as a series of five links.

The questions prepared by the Nominating Team included one mandatory question and two additional questions from which candidates were to select one to respond to. The questions are:

Mandatory Question:
1. What do you see as your role and your greatest responsibility as a member of the board of directors of pcb?

Select one of the two following questions:

  • 1. What do you believe is your most important attribute which will assist you as a member of the board of directors of PCB and why?
  • 2. As a member of the board of directors of pcb, is there a particular initiative of our organization’s mission or administration to which you will dedicate your efforts or expertise?
  •       Thomas Burgunder

          Mary Ann Grignon

          George Holliday

          Christine Hunsinger

          Patricia Russell