2024 Call for Underwriters and Exhibitors

The Pennsylvania Council of the Blind (PCB) is a peer network for all impacted by vision loss.  PCB Peers are of all ages, come from all walks of life, and either have experienced vision loss directly or care about someone who has lost vision. PCB peers provide support to one another and those new to vision loss by developing one-on-one mentoring relationships; exchanging constructive ideas and personal experiences on various topics via teleconferences; creating podcasts and written materials that demonstrate skills and abilities; working on projects that are empowering and improve inclusion and accessibility to our community; and by creating outreach opportunities that allow us to connect individuals new to vision loss with the resources they need.

We are writing today to invite you to become a part of Pennsylvania’s largest virtual event organized by and for consumers who are blind or visually impaired, the annual PCB Conference. The 2024 PCB Conference and Convention will be held virtually from October 17-20 on the Zoom platform.  This year’s theme is “Accessibility: A Buffet of Choices” An important consideration for individuals who are blind or in the process of losing vision: There are many ways to accomplish a task, and for people who are losing their vision or have vision loss that fact is very important. A solution that might work for one person might not work well for another person. In addition to general sessions, there will be an auction, a virtual exhibit hall, product demonstrations from all over the globe and diverse entertainment.

Realistically, because this conference will be virtually interactive on Zoom and streamed live over the internet, people with vision loss from across the country and around the globe might participate. Whether by landline, smartphone, computer, or AI speaker device, people from far and wide will be accessing the 2024 PCB Conference & Convention. We anticipate that this year we will have the highest participation ever in our conference. Please read on to learn how your company or organization can get involved.

While we offer exhibit options that can be purchased separately, we strongly encourage companies to consider becoming a conference underwriter. Underwriting packages begin at $250 and include promotional opportunities not available separately. The sooner you sign up as an underwriter, the sooner we can begin spreading your company’s message.

View the 2024 PCB Conference Underwriting Opportunities

View the 2024 PCB Conference Exhibitor Opportunities

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Exhibiting with PCB will boost your reach and provide support for our mission. We look forward to partnering with you this year!

The 2024 PCB Conference Team

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