You Paid for It


By Chris Hunsinger, PCB President


Get more bang for your dues’ bucks. Five dollars of your dues each year goes to ACB. If you don’t read your ACB Braille Forum, or other ACB publications, you could be missing something interesting and informative. And you already paid for it.


If you don’t participate in Community Calls, either by listening on ACB Radio or using Zoom, you are missing out on information, conversation, and companionship.


ACB began hosting Community Calls in March once we were less able to get out of the house to meet with friends or people with similar interests. Just look at the list of calls available, because they are always evolving. You can also practice your Zoom skills in a safe, no pressure, and friendly environment.


For peers who don’t have email or don’t want email clutter, ACB has an 800 number with lots of information for you. That number is 1-800-424-8666. The menu includes The Washington Connection, information about Community Calls, and a way to leave voicemail messages for folks at the national office in Alexandria, Virginia.


You may want to record the information that you hear because it is fairly detailed with times, topics, phone numbers, access codes, etc. Unfortunately, the dial in numbers for community calls are not toll free. Some of these calls are also on ACB Radio, so you can listen to those calls in the same way that you usually listen to ACB Radio. You could use your digital assistant, your Victor Stream, or call the ACB Radio phone number 518-906-1820 and choose from the menu.


You can join several interest-related email lists as well by going to and then choose the quick links heading where you would pick email lists. Some email lists are only for particular groups or organizations within ACB, but others are for anyone interested in the information.


We try to glean information from several different ACB email lists and send it to the PCB listserv for your reading pleasure. Since everyone doesn’t have email, the PCB Announce Line is available, and we try adding as much of that topical information forwarded from ACB as possible. However, instead of counting on forwarded messages, you may want to have more control over how much information you receive from ACB so you can subscribe to some of the email lists.


If your email address has been passed on to ACB with your membership information, you already belong to at least one list that sends out announcements from ACB, but there is so much more information available, and information is our lifeline to the world.

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