You Have More Than One Vote at the ACB Convention

You Have More Than One Vote

at the ACB Convention

By Chris Hunsinger


This information is somewhat complicated, but I think it is important that we all understand it. I know that I had to read the voting instructions several times before they all made sense to me.


We all have our individual votes at the ACB Convention, and we will be getting our voting credentials early in June. That is one vote, one member no matter how many affiliates you pay dues to. We also each have approximately 1/25th of a vote as a member of any affiliate where we pay dues.


Each affiliate has a delegate and an alternate for voting sessions. They get to cast the delegate votes for the affiliate. Each affiliate has a delegate vote for every twenty-five dues paying members but the number of delegate votes gets rounded up if the total number of members is more than half the way to the next multiple of twenty-five. The PCB Delegate is me, Christine Hunsinger. I will be there in Omaha and at the voting sessions of the virtual part of the convention casting the delegate votes for PCB unless my Alternate Cathy Long casts our votes virtually instead.


There is no part of the ACB Constitution or Bylaws which gives affiliates instructions on how to cast their delegate votes, and the PCB Bylaws don’t tell us how to do it either. Now that all members of ACB can vote in elections, whether they are registered for the convention or not, we at PCB want to be sure that all peers have the ability to affect our delegate voting.


We have eight delegate votes at the ACB Convention. On any record vote, one with actual numbers of votes required, you will vote your individual vote using Vote Now technology, but you also will be able to get in touch with Cathy and me to give us your thoughts on the delegate vote.


We will be collecting your thoughts each evening during the Hybrid Convention if there is a contested Board or Board of Publications election. That means that if you were told to use your individual voting credentials in the afternoon, you will also probably want to contact us about your voting preferences in the evening.


Once we have your individual thoughts about how to vote our delegate votes, we will divide our eight votes in the same proportion as you give the votes to us. For example, if fifty of you let us know how you would want us to vote, and thirteen say vote one way and 37 say another, we will have two votes for one side of the vote and six for the other.

If, instead, we have fifty of you voting and twenty-five vote each way, then our voting is split four for each position. WE could have a three-way race for some positions, and that might require a run-off for the top two candidates if no one gets more than the fifty percent plus one vote. You may belong to other affiliates which have different ways to determine their delegate votes.


How will we collect the votes?

First, you will need to know what race you are voting on. You will need to pay enough attention to the proceedings of the convention to know if there is a contested vote for this day, and you might want to listen to the supporters of each candidate at the end of the general session to make any decision. The individual voting will be open from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. CDT or 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. EDT.


After you cast your individual vote, you can then text Cathy or me with your choice to influence our delegate voting giving us your name and vote so that each of us doesn’t count you accidentally. My Cell number is (412)414/1628, and Cathy’s cell number is (717)991/7433.


We will also have a Zoom Room open from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. if you would prefer that method.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 845 2110 8371

Passcode: 1

One tap mobile



One of us will be there to make notes.


If neither of these methods is good for you, you can call the PCB office and leave a message at (717)920/9999 or toll free at (877)617/7407 giving your name and your vote. We will check with Autumn before 9:30 a.m. EDT each day to get her report of messages left.


I will need the results to be tabulated before the General Session for the following day so that I can cast the delegate votes when the roll call starts. The General Sessions will begin at 9:30 a.m. EDT.


We hope that the votes for individuals will have ended by July 7, but it is possible that we will still be voting on people on July 7, and I don’t yet know when that roll call would happen.


the first reading of any amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws will be read on July 7. There will be no debate at that time.


We will then be working our way through the ACB resolutions. A resolution may be presented and voted on by voice votes and either pass or fail. If twenty-five people object to that decision and want a record vote, that resolution will be voted on in the virtual session of July 13.


If during the discussion of the resolution an amendment is proposed, it can be voted on by voice vote and could pass or fail. If it passes and no record vote is demanded, it will be added to the resolution and the resolution will be voted on. If a record vote is asked for on the resolution amendment, that vote will be held on July 11, and the resolution will be voted on during the voting on July 13.


There will also be debate on constitution and bylaw proposals after the second reading of proposed Constitution and Bylaw changes on July 11. During the debate on July 11, amendments can be proposed, and they may be agreed to by voice vote unless a record vote is demanded. If a record vote is demanded, that will be held on July 12. On July 12 only amendments to Bylaw and Constitution proposals will be voted on if necessary.


The final votes on July 13 will be for the resolutions that require a record vote with the addition of any amendments added on July 11, and for the bylaws and Constitution proposals with any additions caused by the amendment votes on July 12.


Since the July 11, 12, and 13 meetings will be starting at 8:00 EDT but the delegate voting will start at about 8:30 p.m. EDT We will need to know your delegate votes before that time.

Remember, On July 11, we will be voting on only amendments to resolutions which require votes. On July 12 we will be voting on any amendments to proposed bylaw changes and proposed Constitution changes, and on July 13 we will be voting on the final bylaws with amendments, constitution with amendments, and resolutions with amendments.


We will be expected to give the full list of delegate votes for the day when Pennsylvania Council of the Blind is called during the roll call.


We will be using the same methods to collect your delegate voting information, but the time-frames and the expected responses will be different. There may be several items which will have a yes or no decision because there may be several different amendments or resolutions, or bylaw changes on the ballot. To collect delegate votes for these virtual sessions, come to the Zoom meeting between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 845 2110 8371

Passcode: 1

One tap mobile


The phone collection methods remain the same, but we will close out the voting by 7:30 p.m.


IF you are confused about what amendments you are voting on, the resolutions and proposed bylaw changes and constitution changes will be published on ACB Media and somewhere in the convention information. The resolution amendments will be put somewhere on ACB Media after the end of the session on July 7. After the July 11 vote, they will be incorporated into the resolutions if necessary for the July 13 vote.


The same kind of thing will happen with the constitution and bylaw proposed changes and amendments agreed to and voted on by July 12.


We will keep the leadership list and the PCB list aware of how to locate the latest version of the information being voted on, and you can check with your chapter leaders or the PCB office about this information.


I hope that we will hear from all of you during the times when we are collecting delegate voting information. I also hope that you will be listening to and participating in the ACB Convention. Remember that if you don’t register for the convention, you can only use ACB Media, or Alexa or that magic phone number to listen, but you won’t be able to raise your hand or object to a voice vote unless you are at the convention or using zoom. Happy voting!

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