Yoda: An Abecedarian

By Sue Lichtenfels


Avoiding the visiting vet.

Barking for attention.

Chasing tennis balls and frisbees.

Digging holes.

Eating everything in sight.

Flapping his silky ears.

Groaning during ear rubs.

Helping until the end.

Ignoring the pain.

Jumping onto the bed.

Keeping me safe.

Learning as a pup.

Mounting other dogs.

Nosing for crumbs.

Opening doors.

Pushing elevator buttons.

Questioning the need for practice.

Retrieving my dropped items.

Shuffling along hardwood floors.

Traveling by plane, train, and boat.

Urging affection with his golden lab looks.

Venturing unleashed through the neighborhood.

Whining like a microphone’s feedback.

Xeroxing bones in his dreams.

Yielding to moving cars.

Zig-zagging around obstacles.

[June 2020]

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