Willa Goes to Guide Dog School

By Maya Lichtenfels

Editor’s Note: My 8-year-old wrote this story for an English Language Arts assignment. Considering the topic, I thought it would be fun to share with our readers.

One early morning a caramel colored golden retriever named Willa woke up. She did not sleep well because she was too excited for the big day! It was the first day of guide dog school! She rolled out of her soft bed and followed her nose to the yummy-smelling kitchen.

Over breakfast, her mom asked her to not get in trouble at school. “Don’t forget your backpack,” said Dad.
“I won’t. It has all of my hair and nail stuff.” “Being a guide dog is not all a pretty party,” said Mom. Soon they heard a beep out front. Willa gave her mom and dad a kiss and trotted off to the car.

“That was a long drive,” Willa said. “Yay, I made it!”

When Willa saw her cage, she knew she had to fix it. She dug into her backpack for her hair and nail stuff to fix up her new home. When she was finished, she went to sleep.

The next day, Willa started her training. She learned how to sit, stay, rest, and come. She did well at ignoring other dogs. Willa loved working to lead her person around the streets.
The one thing Willa could not do was push her human out of the way of an on-coming car. She was too small. If she failed this task, she would not make it as a guide dog. It would not matter if she was the top dog at everything else.

When she told her friends in the kennel about this, they all said, “We can help!” Some gave her part of their food to help her gain weight. Others cheered her on as she ran laps. Her best friends helped her by making her a jumping course.

When the day came for the final exam and graduation, it was her turn next to do the crossing the street test. After Willa took a few steps into the street, she saw a car rushing towards them. She leaped on to her trainer, shoving him out of danger. SHE SAVED THE DAY! Now she can be an official guide dog!

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