What’s Washington UP To– Free Seminar

What Is Washington Up To!???
Many of us ask this question frequently, and not always without shaking our heads.
In this free national teleseminar jointly sponsored by the American Foundation for
the Blind (AFB) and National Industries for the Blind (NIB), you can get a better
handle on what the U.S. Congress and key federal agencies are doing in two key areas
of interest to the vision loss community, education and vocational rehabilitation
policy. A panel of nationally recognized leaders and expert advocates will share
their observations with us and take your questions.
Are you interested in:
*        learning more about how the extensive array of proposed new federal regulations
implementing the Rehabilitation Act and related legislation could impact you, your
clients, and your program? If these proposed rules go through, how will services to
people who are blind or visually impaired be affected across the country?
*        understanding how the U.S. Congress is planning to change national policy
concerning elementary and secondary education and how these changes will impact
students with disabilities, including students with vision loss? How will these
proposed changes interact with America’s special education system?
There is no need to register or RSVP for this free two-hour interactive teleseminar.
To join the conference call, simply dial the toll-free number below at least ten
minutes prior to the May 21, 2:30pm Eastern, start time. Dial:
and when prompted, enter the pass code:
We look forward to your participation in this opportunity for our community to come
together to discuss some of the most critical current issues in education,
rehabilitation and independent living we face today.

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