What’s the Latest with Fundraising?

By Rita Lang, Chair

It’s time to dust off those walking shoes, put them on, and get out doors to enjoy the beautiful weather. While you’re strolling along

think how you would love to be a part of the PCB walking team. Good news, you can. Please help support our walking team the PCB Advocates.


On Sunday July 13, the PCB Advocates will participate in the Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk, held at the ACB Conference and Convention in Las Vegas. To learn more about how you can contribute to this event, go to pcb1.org or contact the PCB office. Anyone donating $25 or more to sponsor The PCB Advocates will receive a PCB insulated mug.


Thanks to the members who have participated in the 2014 calendar raffle. We have sold 816 tickets to date. This is the most tickets we have ever sold. We wouldn’t have reached this number if it weren’t for our member supporting this fundraiser. Our hard work will definitely pay off.


The fundraising team will again host the PCB Live Auction. The auction will be held on Friday evening, October 17 at 8:00 PM. Arrive early and take the time to peruse the auction preview. Get a head start and know the item or items you wish to bid on before the auction begins. All prizes up for bid will be available for members to browse.


We need your help to collect prizes for this year’s auction. The 2014 solicitation letter to give to businesses can be downloaded from the PCB website or requested from the office. When submitting a prize, include the following information: the name of the prize, a brief description, and the value. Note, we ask members to limit descriptions to only a few sentences. We hope this will help to alleviate the amount of time that is spent describing each prize. Please submit notification of all prizes to the fundraising team no later than October 10, 2014.


Family gatherings and picnics are a great way to spend a hot summer day. Try some easy recipes to cool down. Purchase the True No Measure Cookbook. The book is available in 16-point large type, braille, DAISY file, and MS Word CD. The braille copy is one large volume for $25. All other formats are $12.50. To place your order, contact the PCB office at 877-617-7407 or pcb1@paonline.com. Have a safe and happy summer.

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