What’s on the PCB Fundraising Shelves?

By Mary Ann Grignon


By now, I’ll bet that you have figured out that by supporting PCB’s fundraising efforts, you reap the benefits, sometimes personally, sometimes as a chapter, and sometimes through all that PCB offers.


Our fundraising efforts pay for things like a low- or no-registration-fee conference, the info line so those who do not have access to email can stay involved and up-to-date on PCB happenings, the 800# so those without long distance can participate in PCB team and discussion calls, materials in your preferred formats and much more.


So, let’s take a look at what’s up for grabs.


On the top shelf, you will find our calendar raffle tickets which, by the way, are on sale for just $15, a 25% discount. When you purchase our calendar raffle tickets you not only benefit PCB as a whole, but your chapter benefits and if you are lucky, then you could be the winner of cold hard cash. Of course, as they say, you have to be in it to win it.


On the next shelf, we have Terrilynn.com. Here you can purchase delicious nuts, dry fruits and candy. Treat yourself or someone else and just enjoy! When you go to the PCB Terrilynn store, 20% of your entire purchase is donated to PCB. It’s as easy as going to:

https ://tinyurl.com/PCBTREATS or if this link fails, to:


or calling them toll-free at:

800-323-0775 and telling them you support the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind.


Walk over to the next shelf with the Keystone CaneAbles, our PCB walk team at this year’s ACB Brenda Dillon Memorial Walkathon.

All funds raised are shared evenly between PCB and ACB. If you are attending the ACB convention in Omaha this year, join our president Chris Hunsinger on her real live walk. If you are not attending in person, no worries, you can be a virtual walker or you can just support our team by going to:


Once you reach the page,

  1. Press the letter H to take you to the first heading, Keystone Cane Ables.
  2. Next locate the “donate now” button and press enter.
  3. Check the amount you would like to donate, or check other.
  4. Continue following the prompts to input your info.


If you need additional information, you can contact one of the following:

George Holliday

Tel: 484-343-2722

E-mail: george48160908@gmail.com

PCB office

Local: 717-920-9999

Toll Free: 877-617-7407

Email: pcboffice@pcb1.org


Over yonder is the shelf on which sits all of the benefits acquired by your donation to the Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) program. First, for you personally, if you sign up with a monthly donation of just $10 per month or if you are a donor and increase your donation by just $5 per month, you’ll be entered into a contest where the prizes in the past have been pretty fantastic, including a victor reader, iPhone 11 and serious cash. Smaller prizes are drawn each day of the ACB conference and the grand prize is drawn later in August. As with your donations to our walk team, all proceeds from the MMS are shared evenly between PCB and ACB. Your support contributes to ACB’s good works including all of the community interactions daily and of course we benefit from ACB’s generous contributions like the use of webinar and ACB streaming during our conference. To become an MMS donor, just call the ACB Minnesota office at:

612-332-3242 or toll-free 800-866-3242.


Finally, there’s the shelf on which all of you will be placing your auction donations. Every year our auction gets better and better and this year we are hoping it’s our best ever! What we think will make it incomparable is your input. Tell us what you’d like to be bidding on this year. In past year’s we’ve offered baked goods, jewelry, technology, accessible gadgets, games, bath and body products, accessible medical devices and gift cards. So, tell your fund development team what is not on this shelf that you’d like to see.

Write or call Mary Ann Grignon at:

(570) 807-1276


Or Tony Swartz at:

(610) 799-4565



From the Fund Development Team, we wish you all a delightful summer and to all of our PCB dads, the happiest Father’s Day!

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