What’s in the Name?

By Thomas Reid, PCB Conference Coordinator

For several years, PCB has incorporated the term conference in reference to our annual convention. There are several reasons for including this term, let’s take a look at this comparison of terms from Dictionary.com to help illustrate.

Convention: a meeting or formal assembly, as of representatives or delegates, for discussion of and action on particular matters of common concern.

Conference: a meeting for consultation or discussion

Moving forward, conference is now the official term to describe our event. Following is a list of anticipated questions and their answers.
1. Why should we now refer to the event which has always been known as our convention, as the PCB Conference?
As described above, the term conference more accurately states the purpose of the event. We have and continue to broaden the scope of workshops and presentations to reach out to anyone impacted by vision loss.
2. Does this mean the convention is going away?
Absolutely not! The convention whether referring to the membership convening to discuss and take action on PCB organizational business or coming together to meet socially, this will continue to and always be a part of the conference.

In fact, this year, the Maryland ACB affiliate will participate in our conference. We will provide them with the space to conduct their business i.e. elections, resolutions, approval of the annual budget. This will take place concurrent to the time scheduled for PCB to do the same. In other words, the PCB Conference will include two conventions. Twice the fun!
3.How does this impact the “monthly” Convention Blasts that I love so much? (Ok, chances are I editorialized that last part)
We will continue to have the Blasts which serve the purpose of disseminating information about the conference. While we will no longer refer to them as Convention Blasts, just think of all the fun we can have coming up with a new name.

In fact, this gives me an opportunity to test a new gadget on our website… if you’re reading this and have access to the online version, please head on over and participate in the poll.
4. Does this mean we will no longer hear that awesome song in the beginning of the Blasts? Ok, chances are, I’m the only one who cares…
Personally, I like having our own theme music. Unless I or someone else decides to create something new, I’ll modify it to say conference!
5. One thing I love about convention, oops conference, is the intimacy and feeling as though I returned home each year when I attend. Will this go away?
Expletive NO! Personally, that’s what I love about our conference. Prior to any enhancements or modifications we consider, the Conference Program & Planning team (CPPT) will always first be sure that the atmosphere and environment is comfortable, accessible and inviting for all.
6. Can you give us any clues as to what is in store for this year’s conference?
The CPPT is continuing to develop the program. We try to include discussion on topics that have the potential for impacting our daily lives including advocacy, technology, and more. Of course we are looking into fun and interesting activities. One such possibility we are considering is determining who has talent! That’s right; this could be singing, playing an instrument, spoken word or even accessible juggling! Guess which one I just made up?
If you would be interested in sharing your talent with attendees, please contact Cathy Long via klingonwoman@verizon.net or by phone to 717-732-5265. If we receive enough interest we may all enjoy some great entertainment while finding out… “Who Has Talent?”

Finally, make sure to mark your calendar for the 2016 PCB Conference.
Date: October 20 – 23, 2016
Location: Crown Plaza Harrisburg-Hershey in Harrisburg, PA.
Visit: www.bit.ly/2016PCBHotel
Room Rate: $89 per night
Call: 717-234-5021 and make sure you tell them you’re attending the PCB Conference.

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