What’s Happening at ASB?

By Ethel Siegel


What is happening at ASB (Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired) since the building is closed due to the pandemic? Here are a few answers. No one really knows when ASB will open, but an estimate is June 30 for staff and July 6 for clients. You can learn all about ASB by visiting Asb.org , calling 267-551-0561, or emailing asbinfo@asb.org .


ASB is holding many of its meetings via Zoom, but only clients may participate. Members of the ASB staff host the calls. Here are a few examples.


There is a comedy club, as well as various book clubs. The pharmacy students from Jefferson host a diabetes support group, and another group discusses wellness issues. There is also a group that discusses keeping up with the times and current events, as well as tips on making our lives better. There is a discussion on blindness issues and learning the iPhone, as well as a story-telling group.


These meetings provide a social outlet for clients, but it is not the same as meeting in person. Moreover, there is a disadvantage to these virtual meetings, some people stay unmuted and have background noise.


I look forward to the day we can get together again.


Zigazint! (Yiddish for stay well)

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