What I Have Learned this Year from PCB

By Jule Ann Lieberman, First Vice President

As 2018 heads into 2019 I have been thinking back on the many tips, success stories, and gestures of support we have shared this year.

From PCB discussion calls I have learned: how to beat the blues; how to meet new people and keep relationships strong; how to keep learning through classes at Hadley, and through on-line learning; how many ways I can read audio books; how to travel as a person with blindness or vision loss with or without a dog guide; and how to shop, wrap, decorate and entertain family and friends either at home or in the good company of friends elsewhere.

Even more, I never knew that if I pack a separate bag for my dog guide or bring along a travel crate, both can be checked for free while taking flights. I learned that you can wire ornaments on an artificial Christmas tree and store it in a dust free bag so that it will be ready to go each holiday. I found out that many of our PCB friends have a voice activated assistant who not only sets timers and alarms but can be a fun game partner. On safety and security, I learned that the safest way to get cash is from a bank branch rather than an ATM and when paying for a purchase I should always tell the cashier what bill I am giving him to avoid potential dishonesty. I learned the importance of our voting rights and how we all need to take an active role in the election process either in -person or through absentee ballots. I also learned that those with both hearing loss and blindness or vision loss can benefit from having support persons and how as a community we can advocate for this continued service.

Once again you all have proven to me that some of the most inventive, creative and thoughtful persons I have met are those who are blind or have vision loss. I look forward to 2019 to learn even more from you all!

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