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In response to suggestions made during the President’s Q & A session at the 2016 PCB Conference, beginning July 15, PCB will launch PCB-Chat. This listserv is a place where peers within PCB can discuss topics relevant to people who are blind or visually impaired. Peers will be able to exchange ideas, opinions, advice, and information with friends from across the PCB network. Whether they are hot topics such as new technology and current events, or more traditional topics about adjusting to vision loss, blind parenting, or the challenges of finding employment, surely there will be discussions to interest all.

This listserv will be different from the current PCB-L in that the current listserv was designed specifically for sharing information, not discussing it. The new listserv gives members the opportunity to post all kinds of material and encourages the poster to offer comment on it; thus, beginning a discussion thread. Others can then offer their own comments and feedback on the topic. The list will be moderated to ensure that debate remains civil and differing views are respected.

If you are already a member of PCB, you can subscribe to the chat list by sending a blank message with a blank subject field to pcb-chat-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Once PCB confirms that you are a registered peer, you will be sent a confirmation invitation to join the list. Confirm that you would like to join the list by hitting “Reply” and “Send” and you will begin receiving list messages.

If you are not yet a member of PCB’s peer network, and wish to join the PCB-Chat listserv, please register yourself as a peer by contacting the PCB office at 877-617-7407 or by emailing pcboffice@pcb1.org. Once we have you registered, you will be emailed the YahooGroups invitation to join.

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