Update on Conference Stipends and Merit Award

By William H. Grignon, Team Leader

Since our upcoming 2020 convention will be held virtually, your PCB Peer Engagement Team will not be allocating first-timer or adjustment-to-blindness stipends. This is because these stipends are designed to partially offset travel, dining, and lodging expenses incurred while physically attending a convention. We plan to revive these stipends once we return to in-person conventions. However, the team will be awarding a 2020 Merit Award to a deserving student.

The Merit Award is not a scholarship. It is a $500 award that can be spent on anything. We are in search of a student attending, or about to attend, a post-secondary learning institution. Older adults returning to school for further training or education are also eligible. Interested persons should complete an application and send it to our team. We will pick the award recipient prior to our upcoming convention, present the award virtually during the convention, and extend an invitation to our award recipient to attend a future in-person convention. Look for our official application form on our website. Deadline for applications is September 11, 2020.

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