Transition and Reflections

By Scott Roberts, President

First let me say this will be my last submission to The PCB Advocate. After having been a PCB member for thirteen years and President of the Oil Valley Chapter for the last twelve I am stepping down as President and at least for now, stepping away as a PCB and Oil Valley Chapter member. When elected to the President’s position twelve years ago I asked our group which direction they wanted to take. Did they want to be a group that just met once or twice a month and talked and ate lunch or did they want to be active and make a difference. They decided on the latter.

In my tenure we raised funds and purchased CCTV’s for both the Franklin and Oil City libraries. We handed out recognition plaques to a number of elected officials who helped the blind community as well as those we worked with directly including mobility instructor Jim Joyce and former Venango County Blind Association employee Audrey Turner. Our chapter was instrumental in getting audible pedestrian signals put in in both Oil City and Franklin. We conducted White Cane Walks in both cities as well. We donated books on dealing with blindness to area grade schools, gave $1,000 to the Venango County Blind Association toward the purchase of a new van. We’ve donated monies to various causes over my term and most recently sent $500 to Beacon Lodge and gave another $500 to the Oil City YWCA where we’ve had meetings ever since the chapter began.

As its leader I’ve tried to bring in new members to keep this ship afloat and we’ve kept it balanced but no one seemed to want to take control of the boat. We thought the chapter might actually fold but some people have stepped forward and said they would take over. I’m hoping the new officers will keep this ship afloat and continue to do great things as the members of the past twelve years have done. I need some shore leave so it’s time for me to get a break and step away and let some new blood and ideas come forward. I hope in this coming year and years to come our little chapter in the corner of the state can continue to lead by example.

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