This Year’s Dart-Throwing Event

The dart planning subcommittee is hosting a duel event on Friday, October 18 beginning at 9am. First from 9 to 10 AM, two very experienced dart throwers will hold a dart throwing clinic for up to twelve attendees who are interested in learning to throw darts using an audio dart board. Those participating in the clinic will be charged $2 to participate and must report to Ballroom D by 8:45 AM.

At 10 AM, those who have participated in the clinic will be asked to leave the room, and a dart tournament will commence with up to 16 competitors. Anyone wishing to participate in the tournament will be required to be an experienced dart thrower. This is defined as an individual who has either participated in a non-PCB related tournament, has been involved in a dart throwing league, or has had some regular experience throwing darts. Tournament participants will be charged a $5 entrance fee to be put towards tournament prizes. To ensure the tournament begins promptly, participants are to report to Ballroom D no later than 10:00 AM.

If sixteen people have not signed up for the tournament, the best throwers from the clinic as measured by how many times an individual throws a scoring dart, minimum of 6 scores out of 9 throws, may be invited to enter the tournament for an additional $5 entry fee.

The tournament event will be up to 8 two-member teams, double elimination, 301 count-down. Prize money for each member of a winning team is as follows: $50 first place, $40 second place, and $30 third place. All tournament participants will be required to wear a blindfold.

Whether participating in the training clinic or tournament, attendees must preregister on the conference registration form. To avoid unnecessary noise and distraction for trainees and tournament participants, those not participating in either the clinic or tournament are kindly asked to not attend the event.

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