The Second Part of Voting at the ACB


By Christine Hunsinger, PCB President


You will be getting your individual voting instructions and voting PIN, either by email or through the mail (if you don’t have an email registered with ACB). The first group of instructions went out for people with no email listed with ACB on June 1. Anyone who paid dues between March 15 and June 16 with no email is on a list being sent out on June 20. All these mailers will be both in braille and large print. Those of you with email will be a part of a list being sent out on July 6, so, you all will know the procedure for voting your individual ballots before the convention. The first day of voting will be July 19.


This is the second part of the voting at the ACB Convention, Delegate Voting. Does this ring a bell with you? You were listening on ACB Radio to the convention. You may have been attending an ACB Convention. It was time to vote. People turned in their ballots, but there was a roll call of affiliates who announced their Delegate Votes.


You may have wondered, what is a delegate vote? Each affiliate gets one delegate vote for every 25 dues paying members and fraction above half of that number with a maximum of 25 delegate votes per affiliate. PCB has, in the past, polled those attending the convention and divided our delegate votes to reflect the wishes of those attending, figuring that this vote should reflect the paper ballots our affiliate submitted. Now that everyone who paid dues for this year by June 16 can vote at the convention, whether they register for the convention or not, the Board of Directors decided that it would be best to also give all peers the opportunity to tell us how to vote the delegate votes.


We will have several ways that we can learn about candidates. First, ACB will have Candidate pages for review on the website after June 15. Second, there will be candidate forums where those who are running will answer questions which will tell us a little more about them. Third, if candidates are nominated from the floor, they will give a short speech explaining their qualifications.


There are thirteen positions to be filled, and the presidency will be the first position to be voted on. Once there is a contested election, the new individual voting procedure as well as the delegate voting procedure will be invoked. You will be told of the time during the following day when the ballot will be available for individual voting, and you must use your voting pin which you will have received along with voting instructions to cast that vote.

We expect that Cathy Long as the Alternate and Chris Hunsinger as the delegate will be available to take your preferences at the free conference call line of 605-475-4715 or toll free at 844-844-0414

Access Code: 815419#

One-Touch Dialing:




from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the evening before the vote. That time will be immediately after the general session ends on Sunday evening because the first voting contest will be determined during that General Session. Either Cathy or Chris will take the PCB delegate votes to a special Zoom Room where the roll call of affiliates will be conducted during General Session for any election and announce them to the convention. The delegate votes will be added to the individual votes to determine winners of contested elections. If no one has a majority of votes, the top two will meet in a runoff. If there is a run-off, we may have to have another phone call to determine delegate votes again.


It is thought that some of these positions will be voted on by acclamation so we won’t have to use the voting procedures for all votes, and it is hoped that we can get through all contests requiring a vote by Friday, July 23.


The company that is processing the remote ballots will be able to set up one election a day that requires actual voting on Monday through Thursday, but all the remaining elections will be held on Friday and possibly Saturday, July 24.

You will need to keep an eye on the general sessions to know which position will be voted on in the next day’s session. We will try to send an email out to the PCB-l list each day as soon as we know what contest is next to be voted on. Stay in touch with us either by email if you can, or through a peer with email to learn about the next contest on tap. Happy voting!

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