The Poetic Journey: From Darkness into the Light

By Elizabeth Oleksa, BA


I wanted to take a moment and share some exciting news, which may also be beneficial for some of you in your own journeys through life and sight-loss. I have personally found that writing poetry of all kinds has been an excellent form of expression and an unbelievable coping skill to get me through tough times. With this being said, on March 22, 2022, my first ever book of poetry had been published and is now available for purchase on Amazon! This book is available in both paperback and Kindle editions. The Kindle versions are accessible with screen reader technology. The paperback copies make great gifts!!


The book is titled, The Poetic Journey: From Darkness into the Light, written by Elizabeth Oleksa, BA.


If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to me off the list-serve at: hrboleksa@gmail.comm. I would be thrilled to discuss further there, or check out the link at the bottom of this email.


Below, you can find a brief synopsis of the book and what it includes.


The Poetic Journey: From Darkness into the Light is a compilation of poems written over several years. This compilation provides an insight on personal understanding, a positive growth mindset, self-discovery, and acceptance, as I traversed through a multitude of chronic co-morbidities and health concerns. Each poem offers a glimpse into the emotions, thoughts, actions, and life situations experienced in my own journey. As with so many facets of life, there will always be a hurdle to overcome, a challenge to work through, or a mountain to climb. Throughout my personal experiences, I have gathered an understanding that when we lift the limitations that both society and we have placed on ourselves, we are able to move forward more freely. This mindset has forever impacted the ways in which I perceive the roads through life. Although health diagnoses are life altering, it is truly how each person chooses to work through them and arrive to the other side of either healing or a deeper understanding.


These poems range from birth to death, from diagnosis to healing, from confusion to understanding, from sighted to blind, from fixed mindset to a growth mindset, from despair to hope, and from darkness into light.


I share these poems with light and love, with the desire to contribute a form of hope and even insight for those who may have or may currently be traveling a challenging road in life. My wish is that each person who reads the poems realizes that they do not need to travel their road alone, and that there are in fact others in the community and world that care and understand. My dream is that those who read the poems may find a sense of connection with my writing, as well as feelings of peace, comfort, and contentment as they continue to move forward in life.


To purchase Kindle copies or to view more information, you can click on the link below:


If you are interested in a paperback copy that is personalized and signed by the author, copies are $20 each plus the cost of media mail shipping. I accept payments via cash and Zelle®.


Please celebrate this exciting accomplishment with me! I had my official book launch and signing event on May 22, 2022 which went very well. I am also in the process of getting set up with Barnes and Nobles book stores in the Lehigh Valley area, Cedar Crest College as an Alumna, and local libraries doing author-signing events. Such exciting times. I share all of this will you to offer a gentle reminder that you truly can make your dreams come true, as long as you believe in yourself. Magic happens in so many corners of our lives and we just need to open our hearts and minds to have the magic present and show it to us all!!!


Elizabeth Oleksa, BA

(Cell) 610-392-9551



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