The LVCB Leaves of Change

By Liz Oleksa, LVCB President

Like the autumn leaves, our chapter is preparing for some changes. We are looking ahead to the coming year, which will bring with it, changes among our chapter officers.

We will be electing a new President and other officers this November. This year, we are opening our officers to having co-positions. If someone would like to hold an officer position but is not sure that he or she can handle all the duties of the position, we are allowing two members to share in the duties. This sharing of responsibilities will allow more individuals from our chapter to become more involved and prepare them for holding a full position on their own one day. We hope that this will allow for a growth in participation and leadership among all our members.

Our chapter continues to fundraise through Gertrude Hawke Chocolate bar sales. At only $1 per bar, our chapter is still raising funds, earning $0.40 per bar sale. This is a fun and easy fundraiser in which many of our members can participate. Whether you like milk or dark chocolate, we have a variety to sell. This is a fundraiser that we are doing year-round, which allows for plenty of opportunities for sales…Stocking stuffers, Halloween (if you give a full-size candy bar to the kids or even the adults, they will love you forever!), Easter, Valentine’s Day, and the great summer refresher after doing the yard work. Selling these bars are a great way for our chapter to advertise as well, as we include our chapter business cards with the candy. This spreads the word about our chapter, contact info and social media pages.

As this summer wraps up, we are excited for what is yet to come for the rest of the year. LVCB is always in search of new members, and we continue to grow our membership. A huge shout out to Debbie Rozear, our Recording Secretary, for all the sharing and encouragement for recruiting new members. Debbie has the highest recruitment rate in our chapter. So, way to go Debbie!!!

We would like to recognize Gary Dvorshak, Vice-President, for his determination and efforts in our chapter. Gary ran his first meeting for LVCB at our August picnic. Although a bit apprehensive at first, Gary did an excellent job running the meeting in our President’s absence. Gary has been a chapter member since 2016 and has been getting more involved. We all look forward to seeing what more Gary brings to the table for our chapter in the coming years.

As the year progresses, we welcome new faces, personality and enthusiasm into our chapter. From our Junior member at 15, to our most senior member, at 81, we love to see our members grow and change. Since our chapter began in 1993, LVCB has gone from having 6 members to having almost 40 members. Coming up on 27 years of membership, we all look forward to the positive changes and development our chapter can bring to the community of people with blindness and visual impairments.

As LVCB’s 26th summer has passed by with warmth and sunshine, we welcome the shift that comes along with the changing autumn leaves.

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