The Heat and Sun Stop No One at LVCB

By Liz Oleksa, LVCB President

As the summer heat and sun begin to take over in the Lehigh Valley, no one at LVCB can be stopped. Our chapter continues to be active not only during our monthly meetings, but also with members of our community. LVCB takes great pride in the fact that we are active as a whole chapter, but also able to share in personal successes and accomplishments of our members. Starting with the bigger picture and narrowing down to our individual members, we look at the current happenings at LVCB.

We are continuing our fundraising efforts through selling Gertrude Hawke Chocolate bars. We have a selection of solid milk chocolate, solid dark chocolate, Peanut Butter Melt-away, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Lava Cake and Dark Chocolate Coconut Crème. Each bar is only $1, allowing us to earn 40 cents per bar. All our members are active in our chocolate bar sales, even showing some competition among members. We look forward to selling our bars throughout the remainder of the year. If anyone is interested in purchasing any bars, please contact our fundraising committee:

The Lehigh Valley Council of the Blind partnered with the Center for Vision Loss and the Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living to host an Accessible Voting Machine Demonstration on April 11, 2019. This event was a huge success, bringing in almost 40 attendees. After demonstrations of both models of ES&S voting systems, all attendees were able to do hands-on testing. This was an excellent experience for all who participated. Thank you to Tony Swartz for helping to set up this great opportunity.

Our June meeting will be an exciting one again this year, as we will be holding our 2nd Annual Bowling with Boy Scouts event. This year, our event will be held at the Rosebowl, 801 N. 15th Street, Allentown, PA, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Our members will be teaming up with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts to give them a hands-on opportunity to interact with people who are visually impaired while enjoying an afternoon of bowling. This offers a great experience and allows the young men to earn credits toward achieving the “Disabilities” Merit Badge.

Moving the focus to our individual members, we congratulate the following members for being chosen as Member of the Month during the last quarter: April, Dorothy Montero; May, Joanne Rath; and June, Logan Oleksa. Each Member of the Month is chosen and acknowledged at our meetings for the special gifts he or she brings to LVCB.

At LVCB, our members, whether young or young at heart, share the highlights of our chapter with all whom we meet in the community. A shout-out goes to our newest member, Alex Waldron, a senior at Emmaus High School. Alex joined LVCB in May and is anxious to share in our mission while bringing a younger perspective. Alex is legally blind in both eyes since birth. She has a passion for foreign language and bettering herself and others through education. She will be graduating from Emmaus High in June, attending Lehigh-Carbon Community College in the fall, and then transferring to Kutztown University. She will pursue a degree in Special Education with a focus on teaching students who are blind and visually impaired. Our Junior member, Logan, met Alex in German II class, where Logan encouraged her to check out our chapter. Welcome Alex!!!

Congratulations to Debbie Rozear for her latest promotion at the Lehigh Valley CIL! Debbie has worked at the CIL since May of 2004, providing guidance to all those she meets. Debbie is an excellent resource for anyone living with a disability, and even more of an inspiration to those at a difficult time in their life. Many who meet Debbie have found her to be an outstanding mentor and friend.

Jeanette and Dick Schmoyer were busy this past month, celebrating four graduations in their family. We wish them success in their future endeavors.

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