The Fun Is in Participating

By Mary Ann Grignon, Auction Coordinator

By now I’ve reached out to our PCB chapter presidents about our 2019 live auction. Some have already committed to donating some great prizes. While we’d sure love for you to join us in Harrisburg, just as in past years, you do not have to be there in person to join in the fun and the bidding. We will once again have a dedicated phone line for bidders at home. But, would it entice you to try to save those pennies if I told you that the hotel has donated a one-night certificate which can be used for this year’s conference?

Speaking of donations, are you an entrepreneur with a service or product to donate? How about all you awesome bakers and crafters, have you considered contributing something special made with your own two hands?
For us mere mortals without any such talents, stay tuned to the PCB-L for suggested items and websites for your consideration when deciding what to contribute. As always, we will post the list of contributed items as it evolves.

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