The Falling Snow

By Liz Oleksa

In this neighborhood, there are many houses.
Many houses with children of all ages.
In these houses, children have gathered together to patiently await the falling snow.
Sitting in the front windows, watching for the first flake to drift from the sky.
These children wait in wonder and in awe.
They patiently sit…waiting…watching…wondering…
Then it finally begins.
The beautiful white flakes,
Slowly drifting, drifting, drifting…
Dancing through the air, to gracefully land upon the bitter cold ground.
The children gaze at the mysterious crystals swirling down, down, down…
Looks of pure joy and wonder are painted across their faces.
On all their faces, but one.
A child sits alone, in the back of the room.
This child asks her friends, “Is it here?” but none answer her.
She sits patiently waiting, a look of wonderment in her eyes…
A different look of wonder, of longing, of a dimming light.
She tries to smile as the other children squeal with joy at the falling snow.
“Is it finally here?” she asks her friends again,
Her voice is muffled by the bubbling rambles of the other happy children.
She sits alone, with tear filled eyes…
Longing to know the excitement they feel to watch the falling snow.
The children bundle themselves up and scamper into the whirling flurries, leaving her behind.
The door slams as all the children cheer running into the swirling snow.
Alone again, she sits…wondering…waiting…wishing…wanting…
But there comes a voice, breaking the silence she so often knew…
“Come, let’s go see the snow!!!”
The friend gently grasps her hands, leading her to the window.
The young girl can feel the cold drifting through the thin panes of glass.
A feeling of excitement begins swelling in her heart.
“The snow is like little sparkles of light. Like fairy dust, falling from the sky…
Each one is different, not one ever exactly like another…
The snow is falling, dancing through the sky, as it is falling to the ground…
As time passes, more and more flakes are falling, Landing in a fluffy, sparkling blanket of snow across the grass…”
The little girl closes her eyes with a smile on her face and tears rolling down her cheeks,
she imagines the icy cold snow falling from the sky
The snow falling and wrapping her up in its whirls like angel wings…
She opens her eyes, that now sparkle and shimmer like the falling snow.
Her friend gathers their coats, mittens and hats, bringing them over to her.
“Let’s go out and see it. Feel it. It’s magical!”
The little girl brightens up like the rising sun on the first frost of the season,
As she quickly bundles up to join the others.
“This is her first experience of the snow since moving to a colder climate, and her first experience of a friend caring enough to look past her blindness.
The first time she felt like she could actually “see”, because someone took enough time to describe the beauty of the falling snow.
It was not hard to share the joy with her, just took a caring heart and a few descriptive words.
As her friend guides her outdoors, she gingerly steps into the rising snow, and squeals with delight!
She reaches out, removing her mittens and hat, arms out-stretched and face upwards to the sky.
She feels the flakes dancing around her and melting as they settle on her cheeks and eye lashes.
A feeling of joy, beauty, and magnificent wonder.
The mystery of the falling snow surrounds the children.
ALL the children and helped to let a little girl “see” the excitement of the snow for herself.
All it took was a kind, descriptive word and a caring heart to let the blind truly see…

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