The Evening Entertainment Extravaganza

By Sue Lichtenfels, Conference Team

Historically, the most enjoyable part of the conference has been our evening entertainment when we get to relax with trivia, our live auction, and the after-banquet offering. This year we’re expanding our evening entertainment options and you don’t want to miss them!

At the end of the general session Wednesday night, we invite you to wind down and let your wacky side run wild. If you’ve always dreamed of being a professional actor, or if you just like acting silly around the house, this is the opportunity for you. Register to join us for Make the Improv-able Possible.

We will randomly match two participants and give them the characters and a jumping-off line to start an improv exchange. For example, a wife says to a husband, “My mother is coming to visit for a week.” The participant pair will immediately act out the conversation with whatever lines, accents, attitudes, and reactions they choose. The goal is to keep the scenario going for three minutes. The point of improv is to say what comes to mind, to be creative, and to not take yourself too seriously. This will make the evening enjoyable and entertaining for everyone. We’ll do as many scenarios as time permits.

On conference Thursday, we’ve come to expect trivia-related entertainment. We will not disappoint. This year we’re doing Trivia with a Twist. That’s right; this isn’t your average trivia game. Not only will you need to know the trivia, but you will have to deliver the answer with a challenging twist.

Most questions will be general knowledge. But because we’re virtual with so many devices nearby to give us the answer, we’re twisting the answer. For example, name the states whose names begin with the word “New” in reverse alphabetical order. If you get any part wrong, the other contestant will be given the opportunity to steal for half-credit. We plan to have two contestants face off with three questions for each. We are preparing for 20 contestants, so get signed up while there is still space. Each winner will receive a $10 gift card. We’ve even got an exciting challenge planned for five audience members with a grand prize for one. You’ve got to sign up and then show up to be selected.

Another twist is the scheduling of our live auction on Sunday at 3 p.m. This gives us an opening for something new on Friday night. Since we can meet virtually, we might as well virtually meet some of our world’s most iconic personalities.

Join us Friday evening for Virtual Voices, an evening of impersonations. We’ll need your pre-planned help to make it a hilarious success. Can you do a great or not so great impersonation of any celebrities, politicians, activists, historical figures, fictional characters, or the like? Come share your Virtual Voice for fun and fellowship! We’re seeking practiced performances of two or three minutes of just one persona. You can create your own mini monologue or go with already available material. While we strongly encourage you to pre-record your performance, you are welcome to perform live. Whichever method you choose, it is necessary to register for this event to secure your space in our lineup. Pre-recorded files should be emailed to by October 15. Prizes will be awarded to the three best vocal impersonations as selected by our audience so try to make your performance as humorous and polished as you can.

Our evening entertainment extravaganza continues Saturday following our virtual banquet festivities. The Saturday Night Social offers four fellowship options where you can chew the fat and get your fill of good conversation. Mix up your night cap of choice at the Catch-up Café, Sports Bar, Tech Tavern, and Current-Events Cantina. You will be able to flit from one room to another by hanging up from the one and dialing into the other. Each room will have a host to stir topics and ensure everyone gets a taste. Of course, you will have to register to get access to the Saturday Night Social.

We may be gathering virtually, but our entertainment goals are as real as always. We want to offer you fun activities that allow you to wind down in a friendly environment where none of us take ourselves too seriously. We want to feel comfortable around our blind family where we don’t have to stand battle-ready for challenging the sighted world’s perceptions of us. We want to be respectful and feel respected as we encourage all who wish to participate. This year’s entertainment philosophy is no different. In fact, I invite you to help me make this year’s evening entertainment extravaganza the best one ever.

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