The Education and Employment Committee

The Education and Employment Committee

By Al Pietrolungo, Chair


In the past few months, the Education and Employment Committee has been involved in several projects. Easily our most frustrating project is our attempt to address problems with the PA Civil Service Commission. In late April, Ms. Cowfer, a PCB member from Tyrone, asked for our assistance. She was concerned that when she attempted to take various civil service tests, the agency was unprepared to arrange for her to take the tests on a computer she could use. Also, the agency was imposing a pre-test requirement on her as a blind test applicant, which is not imposed on non-disabled applicants.


We are concerned that the problems experienced by Ms. Cowfer are not isolated ones. So, if you have experienced problems in the past few years while trying to make testing arrangements with the PA Civil Service Commission, please contact me via email at or by telephone at 412-605-0571.


Our committee members added our voices to the dozens of PCB members who participated in the effort to support H.R. 4040: the Alice Cogswell and Ann Sullivan Macy Act. Please read the article entitled, “Why You Should Support this Legislation” in this issue.


Members of the committee have reached out to several students who are planning to attend this year’s convention in Johnstown. Our committee will be facilitating a panel of college students to discuss the challenges they face with the transition from high school. Please join us for the presentation during Saturday morning’s general session.

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