Ten Ways to Create a Respectful Environment

For people to be motivated and engaged, they must be in a respectful environment. Without respect, productivity, profits, health, and happiness dwindle. On everyone’s wish list is the need to be treated with dignity and respect. People want to feel appreciated and know they matter. Demonstrating respectful behavior will ensure a desired and professional workplace as well as a happy home.

Respect is earned when people act and react in considerate and professional ways. Whether you are looking to improve your personal or professional relationships, consistently demonstrating the following ten behaviors will create a respectful environment.

10 Ways to Create a Respectful Environment

  1. Express yourself calmly without passing judgment or criticism.
  2. Do not text or take phone calls when with others.
  3. Maintain confidentiality and stay out of gossip.
  4. Work collaboratively to solve problems and avoid blame.
  5. Listen to understand and practice empathy.
  6. Follow the boundaries that have been set.
  7. Eliminate offensive humor that demeans individuals or groups.
  8. Ask permission to use someone’s stuff.
  9. Keep the environment clean for others to use.
  10. Respect yourself and take responsibility for your own behavior.

The above are just a sample of interpersonal behaviors that demonstrate respect. Whether at home, work, school, or in your community, treat people the way you would like them to treat you. When these powerful and respectful behaviors are consistently practiced, you will see an increase in morale and productivity.

Organizations need to take the necessary steps to keep everyone safe, healthy, and productive. When employees are motivated to come to work each day, they will perform better. An organization will see its costs associated with employee turnover, absenteeism, customer complaints, and operational mistakes reduced. Pride and respect will be instilled throughout the organization.

It is up to each person to create and maintain a respectful environment. Bringing about accountability, boundaries, and consequences will help eliminate disrespect. Sharing praise and showing appreciation will empower people to treat each other with respect. The first step to having a respectful environment is to treat yourself with respect. Then, everyone and everything will follow. I challenge you to start practicing at least one of the above respectful behaviors each day. You will enjoy the calm.

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