Technology Access Team

By Joe Fagnani, Team Leader

We have decided for future auctions to process credit cards with a “Pay Pal Here” card, given we have a Pay Pal account it seems to be easier than trying other processing apps. The processing fee would be 2.17% (estimate) for each transaction. Christina in the office will prepare brief instructions for processing the purchase of auction items.

The team has proposed to do a panel presentation of cloud based computing at the 2017 conference. It can demystify The Cloud and describe how it can be of benefit for our members. We would take into consideration that the non-computer users might need to know what the concept means as this relates to how information is stored and shared.

For 2017 we asked to be budgeted $1,000 to potentially purchase a license copy of JAWS for office use and audio/video equipment such as wireless microphones for use at the conference or seminars.

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