Technology Access Report

By Joseph Fagnani, Chair


At the upcoming PCB Conference and Convention, our committee will present “Options for Paying Bills Independently.” These will be practical, user friendly methods of paying bills via phone and online. Different methods using both technologies will be discussed. Presenters will share stories and experiences on how they pay bills.


Our committee will have a blog on the PCB website. We have selected the name “TAC Talk” for the blog. The idea is to post content to get people thinking and talking about technology as it relates to people with vision loss. This could include product announcements, opinions about specific technology, tips for users, informative user experiences, and much more.


The committee continues to work on writing a position paper on universal design that will be dispersed to engineering schools and those involved with web design. It is likely that the paper will focus on universal design, with web design as an example. The message is to use the tools that are out there such as W3C standards. We will be contacting Dr. Wentz for direction on how to circulate the paper. Our initial thinking is that we will publish in some journals and blogs.

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