Technology Access Committee

By Joseph Fagnani, Chair


The committee is evaluating which virtual meeting technology to use for the next PCB board meeting. We are considering the following: Accessible Event from Serotek, Team Talk, Talking Communities, and the upgraded Free Conference Call.


We have had discussions about our page on the new website. The page will focus on how PCB is involved in technology. What are our views of different technologies? How can technology assist in education, advocacy, etc.? What is the purpose of the reference being discussed? How can we use the specific technology that is being discussed? How is the technology different from other products on the market? Procedures for products will also be on the page. Our main audience is those who know about the Internet; however, products being discussed can also include low tech items such as a color identifier or digital recorder.


We do not want to become a site with links for resources. Eventually others can make posts and comments on the page, but for now the Technology Access Committee and the Website Committee will provide the content on the page.


We have discussed Blind Square Event, an app to help with navigation. It will be used at the BBVS Summer Academy held at Penn State. Currently, Blind Square costs about $23. President Swartz also mentioned that we can use Blind Square Event at this year’s convention. After you walk out the front door, it tells you what’s around you including streets and businesses.

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