Technology Access Committee Report

Technology Access Committee Report

By Joseph Fagnani, Chair


On Friday afternoon of the 2014 convention, the TAC will offer an iPhone Round Robin session. During this hour-long discussion, participants will talk about the various iPhone apps that they find most useful. Potential app categories covered will include: GPS, reading books, radio/music, news, identifying objects, and productivity. Each topic will be allotted about ten minutes. The session will not cover how to use an iPhone.


During Saturday’s session, PCB Content Editor Sue Lichtenfels and Thomas Reid (wearer of many hats) will discuss PCB’s efforts to increase and diversify its online presence. They will describe the goal for starting a new website and how members, committees, professionals, family members, friends, and the general public may get involved in this exciting project.


The PCB Board of Directors held its summer meeting via Free Conference Call. This phone technology worked very well and saved the organization over $1,000 in typical in-person meeting expenses. Our committee continues to investigate computer-based meeting options for the future.


With regards to the membership database, we continue to tweak its usability. We will be getting rid of the right side of the Excel sheet. There will only be one side for changes. We will add fields to indicate: “add,” “change,” “delete” or “no action.”

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