Technology Access Committee Report

By Joe Fagnani, Chair

Email Change:
A change in services offered through our internet provider has precipitated the creation of new contact email addresses for the PCB office and John Horst, Director of Community Affairs. John’s new email is Please now contact the office by using

Tracking in kind time volunteer hours:
It is important to track the volunteer hours our members contribute to PCB projects. This gift of time and talent is a vital asset to the organization and can be useful when requesting grant funds. Each Team Leader will report the hours worked by each team member monthly. We will track eleven different types of service:
Advocacy Activities
Affiliate & Member Relations
Financial Management
Fund Development
Information & Referral Services
Public Awareness & Education
State & Regional Conferences
Technical Support
The Reimage Campaign

Philmore Announce Line:
We have gathered more information about the Philmore service as an alternative way of sharing PCB-related content with members who do not have access to the internet. PCB would have its own specific call-in number. No pin code is needed but it is a long-distance call. There could be up to nine menu options with different audio announcements. Each option has up to four hours of audio storage. We can use pre-recorded audio or we can convert a document or e-mail to an mp3 file with software and upload it.

Processing Auction Credit-card Purchases:
We had some problems processing credit-cards at the 2015 Live Auction. We planned to use Flint, but ran into spotty WiFi connectivity. We hope to resolve that by using Ethernet in the future.

2015 Convention Presentation:
We offered a session on both high and low tech solutions for paying bills. Sandy Marsiglia told about paying bills via telephone while Jule Ann Lieberman & Mike Zaken discussed paying bills Online.

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