Technology Access Committee Report

By Joe Fagnani, Chair

As mentioned in our last report, we will be implementing Flint, an iOS app and portable credit card reader to process charged purchases at the 2015 Live Auction. While PCB still uses PayPal for online credit card processing, for instances of in-person processing, Flint is more accessible. Flint allows the processor to swipe the card whereas PayPal requires a person with usable vision to read and enter the credit card information manually.

During the summer PCB board meeting, our committee was charged with two tasks: development of a system to track in-kind volunteer hours and investigation into a telephone-based mailbox for sharing PCB announcements.

Tracking in kind time volunteer hours:
It is important to track hours in order to apply for grant money. We are working on creating a database that will enable us to input the number of volunteer hours contributed by each committee. The goal is to collect this info on a monthly basis so we can more accurately predict and represent PCB budget details.

Message/Announce Service:
We are looking into Philmore Production, a telephone-based mailbox system that can be accessed by members without email. This could offer the alternate method of members calling in to hear recorded announcements that would be updated every two weeks. Further investigation is on-going into how PCB could best use such a system to increase communication with non-computer-using members.

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