Technology Access Committee Report

By Joseph Fagnani, Chair


We had an informative and entertaining iPhone presentation at the October 2014 State Convention. During the presentation, Doug Hunsinger discussed music/radio apps. Jule Ann Lieberman talked about apps for reading books and identifying objects. Mike Zaken reviewed some of the apps used for getting the news. Tony Swartz wrapped up things with a discussion of GPS apps. These members of the TAC did such a great job, that even a telephonically illiterate like me got a lot out of it.


At the 2015 State Convention we want to do something similar to the iPhone presentation, by focusing instead on social media. We hope to answer questions like: why would you use Facebook over Twitter and what are their purposes?  Skype was also discussed as a possibility. We are thinking about involving the Public Awareness and Relations Committee in such a presentation.


We are also considering demonstrating less expensive screen readers such as NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) and System Access. The committee agreed that they could be great for home use, especially for someone who is not using a screen reader for professional reasons.


In the future we are going to contact all of the colleges in Pennsylvania to see if they can incorporate accessibility into the curriculum for website design.

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