Technology Access Committee

By Joe Fagnani, Chair

One of our current focuses is the “TAC Talk” blog on the PCB website. We are working to develop content and hope to post new content every two weeks. We will use articles such as how people use technology for their everyday lives including both low and high tech solutions. For example, if you do not read braille and you want to give a presentation, what are some effective ways to do so? Or, what is your experience using something like the “Be My Eyes” app?

We are still working on our document advocating for universal design. Although a lot has been done on the topic, we want to personalize it by sharing our first-hand experiences. These could include stories that have occurred in work situations and school situations. The committee plans to write the paper and meet with Dr. Wentz to discuss the best approach for publishing the paper.

The PCB Fundraising Committee has asked us to investigate options for using a smart phone to process credit card payments at this year’s convention. Our committee is testing an accessible App called Flint which works on one phone and one account at a time. The card reader device is not much bigger than a credit card.

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