TAG 2014 Episode 2: Focus On Low Vision

Picture of a CCTV with a book under the camera being enlarged on a monitor

This episode of Talking Advocacy & Government will zoom in on the topic of Low Vision. My apologies for using the simple pun, but I think it actually works.

For many, the idea of low vision is a very difficult concept to understand. To the uninformed, people with low vision:

  • Appear as though they can see just fine
  • Aren’t blind, they don’t use canes or guide dogs
  • Should just get a better pair of glasses

In this latest installment of TAG we will get an explanation of low vision, hear some real life experiences and learn about the available assistive technology.

Pitture of A digital magnifier held over a book enlarging the print

Just as importantly, learn more about HR 3749 or The Medicare Demonstration of Coverage for Low Vision Devices Act of 2013. This important bill currently in Congress deserves your support. Listen to this episode of TAG and then take action! Support the petition below, call your Congressional Representative and let them know you support HR3749.

Use the comments to let us know you took action!

And without further ado:

      TAG Episode 2 – Focus on Low Vision


Episode Notes:

Sign the American foundation for the Blind’s petition:

“Medicare Coverage for Low Vision Devices Now!” on Change.org.

Thanks to Ed Facemeyer, George Holliday and Ralph Stift for contributing to this episode.


Interested in learning more about Low Vision, check out the Council of Citizens with Low Vision International.

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