Supporting the PCB Room-Rate Fund

By Sue Lichtenfels

Several years ago, PCB established the Room-Rate Fund to offset occasionally high overnight room rates during the PCB Conference and Convention. Over the last several years, PCB has been fortunate to find convention hotel rates between $89 and $93 per night, and has not had to tap into the fund. Each year we have been able to raise a few hundred dollars for the fund through a 50/50 drawing held at the convention. Tickets are typically sold as part of the convention registration process and during the convention weekend.

Unfortunately, like many other prices, overnight hotel rates are rising. This trend has been evident in the proposals we have received from hotels interested in hosting the 2017 convention. It is likely that in order to continue offering members a reasonable hotel rate for the convention, we may need to offset these higher rates on an annual basis. Clearly, we need to expand our efforts to raise revenue for the Room-Rate Fund.

Please consider joining PCB’s efforts to increase ticket sales for its annual 50/50 Room-Rate Raffle. Since the winners need not be present at the pre-banquet convention drawing, you can sell these $5 tickets to friends, family members, and chapter mates. Fifty percent of the funds raised go into the Room-Rate Fund while the other 50% is split among three drawing winners: 25% to first place, 15% for second place and 10% to third place. For example, if together we sold 400 tickets totaling $2,000, PCB would get $1,000 for the Room-Rate Fund, the first place winner would get $500, second place would receive $300 and third place would win $200. That’s quite a return on a $5 ticket.

The PCB office will be happy to mail you an allotment of tickets to sell. Make your request for tickets by calling 717-920-9999 or emailing Please make sure that any tickets sold include the buyer’s name, phone, and complete mailing address so we can send out the winners’ checks. Either mail the completed stubs and payment to the PCB office by Monday, October 12 or turn them in at the convention registration table prior to Saturday, October 17. If you wish to purchase 50/50 tickets for yourself, please send a note along with your check directly to the PCB office at 931 N. Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102. Thank you for your support for future PCB conventions.

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