Summer Senses

By Liz Oleksa

The warmth of the sun beats down on my skin.
Lush blades of grass beneath my feet.
The scent of lilac blooms float through the air.
The fresh earth covers my hands as I prepare the ground for new plants.
The bird songs heard from high in the trees.
The distant laughter of children playing outdoors.
The smell of grilling hamburgers on charcoal grills.
Festive music drifts through the neighborhood.
The sun shines through the occasional passing clouds.
My toes buried in the warmth of the beach sand.
The distinct and unquestionable smell of sunscreen fills the air.
The salty sweat that glistens my skin dries.
The squawks of soaring seagulls from high above.
Children squealing as they race their kites up and down the shoreline.
The crashing ocean waves calmly soothe my ears.
The sounds of the seaside resonate through the summer air.
The rays of sun peer through partly clouded skies.
The drying grass fields flatten below my strolling feet.
The undeniable scent of funnel cake and cotton candy dance through the crowds.
Carnival prizes and plastic bags filled with water and goldfish fill my arms.
The dinging of prize bells and the laughter of clowns drift past the bustling people.
Giggling children run by with balloon animals and face paintings.
Hot dogs and cheesesteaks sold in stands throughout the fair.
The summer carnival music puts a smile on the faces of all.
The summer can be enjoyed by every person, even without sight.
The senses of the body mixed with the scents of summer make a beautiful couple.

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