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By Chris Hunsinger


I’m writing this article as the leader of the Conference and Convention Planning Team, not as your President.


As you requested at our PCB Business Meeting held at the 2021 Convention, The Conference and Convention Planning Team made a recommendation to the Board of Directors of PCB with regards to time and type of convention and conference.


We recommended a virtual conference and convention again for this year, and we moved the date back to October. The Board agreed with us at the Board meeting held at the end of February, and therefore, the dates for our virtual convention and conference have been set as Oct. 27 through Oct. 30, 2022.


Start making your plans for that weekend. You can enjoy all events from the comfort of your home, either on Zoom or by using ACB Media.

Let your friends know about our conference and convention as well.


Our theme for this year will be: “Plan your TRIP to self-reliance.”


We have identified four areas of interest which can assist us along that journey and path. The areas of interest embrace the concept of a T.R.I.P. — Tools, Resources, Information, and People. We look forward to presentations that match up with these four interest areas.


The presentation ideas are endless, and we will be calling for presentation ideas very soon.


Hopefully, we will have so many of them that we will need to pick and choose which ones we use for this year’s convention.


Those sessions won’t be the only activities we have at the conference. We still expect to have entertainment, door prizes, exhibits, and our always-popular auction.


We will again be having a fabulous banquet, where no one will be dissatisfied with the food. We will also be having our business meeting and expect to elect members of the Board of Directors. The only things that we won’t have at the convention and conference will be goodie bags and warm hugs after not seeing each other for so long.


You may think that it’s a little early, but we’ve just gotten started with the planning. If you have additional suggestions for those of us on the Conference and Convention Planning Team, send me an email at or call me at (412)881/9328.

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