By Chris Hunsinger


It’s a new year and we have a new secretary at PCB. I’d like to tell you a little about Autumn Imhoff, who works virtually from her home in Volant, Pennsylvania.


She only works for PCB twenty hours a week, but you won’t be waiting for days to get a response from her if you have to leave a message. Our phone number is still (717)920/9999 or toll free (877)617/7407.


Because Autumn lives in Volant, we had to change our mailing address. You can mail correspondence to our office:

Pennsylvania Council of the Blind

PO Box 68

Volant, PA 16156.


We chose Autumn to be our new secretary because she has so many very valuable skills. She has already worked on constructing webpages for other employers, and she has worked with many of the tools we have been using to keep PCB running. She will be keeping our office humming and organized. We know that she will be helping us make our Conference Registration page on the PCB website for this year easy to complete. She will be helping with the updating of the PCB website as well.


She has stepped up and become familiar with both the PCB and ACB systems for record keeping, and she has been recording the information to keep our records current as the dues come in.


She is available to assist PCB teams and chapters whenever the services of a skilled administrative assistant are required.


Autumn seems to have worked for us for a long time because she rarely needs to ask questions about jobs that she is working on. She just picks up a task and works on it. I keep forgetting that she only started work for PCB on Jan. 4 of this year. However, she won’t be doing the braille documents which we usually do in the office. We have passed that task onto Sandy Marsiglia. That puts the conversion to a braille format and the braille printing all in one place.


Autumn has two dogs and three cats, as well as a family. She is a quilter, and this may explain how she can keep all of the various activities we ask her to take care of organized. I hope that you all get to know Autumn over the next several months and enjoy her quiet thoughtful way of taking care of business.

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