Sharing Your Feedback and Making a Difference

By Mary Ann Grignon, Team Leader

Since 2006, when I joined PCB, one person or another has challenged me to think outside the box, indeed to work totally outside my comfort zone. This was never more the case than when our president asked me to lead the Membership Development Team. Having agreed to do so, I thought I would bring all of you, our body of members, into the conversation.

Each one of you is of utmost importance to the PCB organization so my key question is, are your needs being met as a member of PCB? To help you answer this question, and to help the Membership Team develop strategies and work on your behalf, we’d be most appreciative if you would take the time to answer the very brief questionnaire below and share your thoughts. I can be reach by email to or by phone at 570-807-1276. I assure you that all comments will be kept in the strictest of confidence. Our goal is simply to make your experience as a current member and the experience of future members all it can be.

Membership questionnaire:
1. Do you belong to a chapter that meets face-to-face?
2. Are you satisfied with your experience?
3. In what kinds of activities do you participate that you might recommend to other chapters?
4. If given the opportunity, would you join a special interest group that might meet by computer chat or telephone conference such as for guide dog users, tech talk, student interests, tips and tricks exchange, etc.?
5. Have you recently left a chapter and if so, what was the reason?
6. How do you think PCB can better serve its members?
7. If given the opportunity, would you agree to be a mentor to those new to vision loss?

What’s that, oh, you want to know what this mentoring opportunity might be? Ok, well I’ll give you a peek at what the membership team has been conjuring up in these past 2 months. In our collective experiences, we have found that when a person is new to vision loss, often they are fearful, depressed and most of all, either misinformed or entirely uninformed about life after vision loss. We believe that there is no one better to guide such individuals and/or their families, friends and colleagues through these difficult times than a person who has experienced vision loss and successfully navigated through those difficult days of isolation and confusion. So, if you believe yourself to be a positive person with experiences and guidance to offer, please consider and express your interest in being a mentor. Our team will be in touch when we are ready to launch the PCB mentoring program.

As leader of the Membership Development Team, I hope to hear from you very soon so we can begin our work in making your membership as meaningful as possible. My cohorts in this effort are William Grignon, Brent Kessler, Rose Martin, Al Pietrolungo, Pat Russell, and Nancy Scott.

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