Seeking Support for Braille “Guideposts” Concern

Seeking Support for Braille “Guideposts” Concern

By Marie Sersch, Capital City Chapter


I have been subscribing to “Guideposts Magazine” for several years in my preferred format of braille. “Guideposts” is a monthly Christian magazine with articles of hope and inspiration. They are all true stories that I find are a pleasure to read. In the early 2000’s, I had to receive it on cassette because braille production had ceased. I hope that does not happen again.


Unfortunately, several weeks ago I received a letter from Clovernook, the current producer of the braille edition. The letter stated that braille hard-copy editions would no longer be available after December 2014. A friend suggested that National Braille Press might be taking over braille production, so I called there. They informed me that they did reach out to Guideposts for the production contract, but were told that Guideposts no longer wanted to publish the hard-copy braille edition.


My next call was to Guideposts to let them know I had learned of the braille discontinuation. I told them that I think this is a shame because it is a good magazine and I am a braille reader. I encouraged them to continue having “Guideposts” published in braille. I hope that members of PCB will also contact Guideposts and encourage them to keep the magazine published in braille because we all know how important braille is to blind readers. The contact information is: Guideposts Associates Inc., 39 Seminary Hill Rd, Carmel, NY 10512; 800-431-2344 toll-free;; and


Unless we can save the braille edition, I will be forced to once again resort to the four-track cassette issue. I definitely do not want to lose the magazine altogether. With your help, maybe we can get this solved. Thank you in advance for your support in this effort.


Editor’s Note: “Guideposts Magazine” is published monthly. Subscriptions in large print or regular print are $12.97 annually. Subscriptions for the cassette version are $18.97 annually. Currently, free braille files in BRF and TXT formats are available for download from the Guideposts website, if readers have access to a braille display or braille embosser.

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