Seeking Fuel for PCB’s Future

By PCB Nominating Team


Just as the mercury is rising in our thermometers, you could be rising in PCB. It’s time to act on your burning desire to become a PCB board member. You know you have what it takes to light this organization on fire. With your combustible passion for empowering your peers and your sizzling skill set, you’re ready to fan the flames of independence and opportunity across the Keystone state and beyond. Don’t allow your abilities and ideas to smolder in the backyard barrel any longer. It’s your turn to blaze the next trail!


Get started by nominating yourself as a candidate for the PCB Board of Directors. This year we are seeking peers to fill four Board of Directors positions during this year’s annual conference. Each of the four positions is a two-year term. The individuals elected this year will serve alongside four additional Directors and six Officers to comprise the 14-person Board of Directors. Of the four board positions up for election this year:

Suzanne Erb has served two terms and cannot run again.

William Grignon has served one term and is eligible to run again.

Cathy Long has served two terms and cannot run again.

Sandy Marsiglia has served one term and is eligible to run again.


To be a nominee for board candidacy, you need to be a paid member of PCB and ACB with a record of active engagement and an understanding of Council values. Since all work at the state level is done virtually, it is imperative that candidates have access to email.


As a board member, it is expected that you would make a two-year commitment to be a role model among peers and be an ambassador in the community. Attendance at quarterly and ad hoc meetings via Zoom would be vital. In advance of meetings, you would receive team reports and the organization’s financial summary in expectation that they will be reviewed. You would work voluntarily on two to three leadership teams and might be asked to lead one. Attendance at monthly team meetings would also be required. Ideally as a leader, you would participate actively in all aspects of the organization including visiting with changemakers, educating the public, offering a hand to those new to vision loss, promoting PCB events, and supporting fundraising efforts as able. You would be eligible to request reimbursement for board-related travel and approved project expenses.


Get the sparks flying by preparing an autobiographical statement of interest for the Nominating Team. In less than 250 words, share your interests, skills, experiences, and goals. Be sure to express how you intend to be an accelerant for future success on the PCB Board of Directors. Send that email to by Sunday, July 31.


In early August, the Nominating Team will work with declared candidates to record some dynamite personal details and scorching-hot answers to these two questions:

What is the greatest attribute you would bring to the PCB Board of Directors?

On which project or area of the organization do you intend to focus your attention?


Then, in early September, the Nominating Team will ignite your candidacy by publishing your oral statement on the website, the PCB Information Line, the PCB-L listserv, and cartridge editions of The PCB Advocate. On October 15, the Nominating Team will blast out the team’s slate of endorsed candidates. If you have any questions about the nominations process or board member responsibilities, reach out to Sue Lichtenfels, this year’s Nominating Team Leader at 412-480-9696 or


You know you’re the bomb! But the timer is ticking. Don’t fizzle out. Get those dynamite biographical details to the Nominating Team today. We’ll set the election charge to go off Saturday, October 29 during PCB’s virtual business meeting. And if you incinerate the competition, you’ll become PCB’s next firecracker.

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