Seeking Bold Blind Beauty Pics

By Steph McCoy

To all my Bold Blind & Beautiful Women Friends:

We are extraordinary. We are able to see the world through a spectrum few get to experience. No matter where we fall on the blindness range we have developed skills from self-care to independent living that allow us to take full advantage of our remaining sensory systems.

Among our ranks are poets, ballerinas, teachers, composers, models, pianists, writers, singers, social workers, psychologists, photographers, artists, fashion designers, lawyers, physicians, athletes, yoga instructors, astrophysicists, chefs, and the list goes on. We choose to soar and continue to thrive beyond physical limitations because we understand there is always a way. We are bold as we keep pressing onward. We are blind as we have deeper insight. We are beautiful as we can see to the heart of ourselves and others.

Bold Blind Beauty wants to shine the spotlight on you. Please feel free to share an image of yourself either with your guide dog, your cane or doing something you enjoy in your own way. You can reach us at for further details.

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