ScriptAlign My Prescription Solution

By Lynne Maleeff

Have you ever had the experience of being at the right place at the right time? This happened to me in July 2014 when I met Greg Guinette from PMC Pharmacy. I was working as an Apple Specialist and sold Greg a computer. I asked what he did for a living and he told me about this really cool medication management system PMC Pharmacy has. After he described it to me I said how awesome it would be for visually impaired and blind people to be able to access this as well. Before I knew it, I was meeting with Greg and the owner, Brian Dunleavy, to brainstorm how to customize this system and make it accessible.

Together, we attended several focus groups, agencies for the blind, and conventions which confirmed that PMC had a great product. Many of you who are reading this article spent time talking with us and giving us valuable feedback. Several of you are now using the system.

One of the leading reasons for hospital admissions and re-admissions is due to people not being compliant with their medications. The health care practitioners, vision rehab therapists and social workers that we have trained on the PMC system are excited to see how we have provided a great solution to this problem. Many people are either not taking their medications properly or at all due to difficulty in managing when and what to take. Not being able to read labels makes things worse. This system surpasses that and makes it easy for you to take your medications, vitamins and supplements safely.

With PMC Pharmacy’s ScriptAlign program, your medications are all coordinated according to the time of day they are taken. Your pills go into individual packets that are separated by a perforation along a cellophane strip. This strip has at least one month’s supply of your medications rolled up into a dispenser box. There is a slit at the top for you to access the strip of packets. All you have to do is to tear off the next packet and those are your pills for that time of day. The perforation is easy to locate and tear because we make a notch on the left side of the perforation. The box will have bump dots, large contrasting numbers for those with low vision and braille labels for those who request them. These features will allow you to identify each dispenser box and the dose it contains.

For example, your dispenser box for the first time of day will have one bump dot, a large bold number one, and an optional braille label saying “dose one”. Next up would be a second box that contains pills that you take the next time of day. That box will have two bump dots, a big and bold contrasting number two, and an optional braille label saying “dose two”. So, for as many times of day as you take medications, we will have separate boxes with those pills designated for that time of day.

PMC Pharmacy calls this system ScriptAlign because it lines up all your prescriptions. Most people get their prescriptions filled at various times during the month. We align your meds so that you get them all at the same time. If you need a few days of pills to finish a month we will send the remaining pills to you in a pill bottle. When all of your medications are caught up to the same time of the month we can then fill your packets to all start at once.

When you give PMC Pharmacy the names of your doctors who prescribe your medications we will develop a relationship with those doctors. Our first conversation will be to get all details of your prescriptions so that we can customize your pill packets accordingly. Any medications not in pill form will arrive with your dispenser boxes. We will also put any pills taken as needed (prn) in pill bottles. Your co-pays for the medication would be the same as any other pharmacy. The medication in the ScriptAlign boxes would then be shipped directly to your home at no additional charge.

We are in a pilot program right now. If you sign up with PMC Pharmacy during this program you will never pay for your customized boxes. In return, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can do things even better.

The PMC Pharmacy customer service team is available to walk you through each step of the medication transition. We call you two weeks before you get your medications and let you know what date UPS will be delivering them to your door. We will ask if there are any changes and if you have any questions or would like to talk to our pharmacists.

You can learn more about the ScriptAlign system or sign up to get started by calling the PMC office at 215-922-2502. If you would like more feedback from a customer’s perspective, feel free to call me, Lynne Maleeff, at 267-481-5150. Now, it is your turn to be at the right place at the right time!

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